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LIPOLAS® - weight reduction

LIPOLAS weight reduction is a combination of various manual, technical applications and stimulating nutritional concepts.

It is used to shape the figure and specifically removes fat deposits in unwanted areas. At the same time, the specially targeted muscle groups are trained and the metabolism is stimulated. With this method, the fat pads in the treated areas are dissolved and transported away.

Frau in Unterwäsche

Photo by Wix

Our offer include:

At the beginning you get a supporting drink which stimulates the metabolism, during this time we can discuss what your result should look like.

During the treatment you lie comfortably on a couch. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes depending on the body region and  treatment level. Finally, a detoxifying body lotion is applied.

A drink will be served before the session ends on the PowerPlate.

Latest method from the USA with radio frequency and laser technology

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