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Latest study on corona and mutations

How can I protect myself from Covid 19 and all mutations?

Below you will find the article "End of Corona"

the study!

Due to the increasing number of corona infections, I recommend the following products:

NATURTREU - heyday mit  Bromelain & Quercitin ( click on the picture below ) - protection against the inflammatory processes in the body

Zinc red 25 - 2 times a day

Lysine - (essential amino acid) 1000 mg 3 times daily

Angocin - contains mustard oils aus 

  • Nasturtium & Horseradish – helps with bronchitis and sinusitis

  • Herbal medicine to fight off infections

  • Works against relevant bacteria and viruses, as well as anti-inflammatory

  • Efficacy and tolerability proven in numerous studies

  • High concentration of the active ingredients (mustard oils) at the focus of infection

  • Mustard oils make an active contribution to reducing antibiotic resistance

Corona virus prevention and therapy  - you can find further vitamins and mineral recommendations from Dr. Kersten

with a click on the eye!

Contact rules under the pandemic

original link:

German translation

Bromelain inhibits SARS-CoV-2 infection

and all  mutations

(Study from Canada with the participation of the Robert Koch Institute)


End of Corona?

Photo by WIX

Balance Vitalis - recommendation:

Flowering - Quercetin Complex with Bromelain

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Photo by Naturtreu

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