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Health care 

Vieva ® vital and nutrient analysis & HRV stress measurements

The health check for the whole family !

The Vieva-Analysis® is one of the few holistic systems that preventive

can be used and has been scientifically proven .

The system makes risks visible that do not yet show any abnormalities under other examination methods. The analysis aims for a quick and holistic detection

and treatment of the condition of your organism. 

It serves to maintain or improve your health and

brings your body  into balance.

Vieva® is based on the same measurement technology as ultrasound

or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The standard evaluation and advice is  directly!  

The Vieva® body condition analysis and the Vieva® measurement are analysis methods 

without taking blood , which combine five analysis techniques in one system.

This complex method is linked to uncomplicated handling .

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  • ​Prevention

  • health optimization

  • therapy control

  • risk assessment

  • stress analysis

  • psychosomatics

  • cardiology

  • sleep disturbance

  • Migraine 

  • tinnitus

  • chronic pain

  • cycle disorders

  • and more

Analyzes recognize the following body states:

  • Oxidative Stress & Inflammation

  • Stress Index & Recovery Ability

  • immune status

  • biological age

  • Timed breath test

  • acid-base balance

  • Nutrient supply (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins)

  • Digestive Function, Leaky Gut Marker

  • total energy

  • performance and regeneration

  • Heavy metal & pesticide pollution

  • metabolism

  • Environmental and e-smog pollution

  • ​gastrointestinal health

  • and more

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Gabriel Tech  electrosmog analysis

Electromagnetic radiation, such as from cell phones, has dramatic consequences for

our cell metabolism. As a result, our immune system loses its defense mechanism. 


We help your cells get back on their feet and avoid harmful radiation!

The key to your healthy cell maintenance is reduction

electronic risk factors. 


In our practice you can find out how much your electronic home network (WLAN, mobile phone and more) influences your personal state of health.

Register now for an electrosmog analysis!

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TAP Blood Collection®

No annoying needles, no repeated pricking in the veins or in the finger, none

long queues or sitting in waiting rooms!



After an initial consultation and a Vieva® analysis, if required, the  

TAP Blood Collection® Device can be used.        

The TAP Blood Collection® Device collects blood in a special capillary blood system

catch. It is the world's first push-button blood collection device . In doing so

the little "mouse" placed on the upper arm of a patient and

the blood is drawn with just one push of the button . This peculiarity

makes blood collection easy, relaxed and virtually painless.

Especially suitable for children and men!

People who have a tendency to bleed or who are on blood-thinning treatment should consult a doctor before performing the test if they use it at home.


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Various laboratory analyzes and tests

The various laboratory analyzes support the range of our offers.

In addition to the Vieva® analysis, analyzes can also be made of saliva, stool and urine.

You will receive further information on the individual prices and tests as well as take-home tests and rental equipment during a consultation.

In the event of health analysis abnormalities, we recommend that you see a specialist!

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